Creeping Sharia

Unfortunately not a lot of concern and no one in elected office or elsewhere has the courage to challenge Obama on it (or anything else of substance – voter fraud, Benghazi, unemployment, the Fed, etc., etc.).

via Patrick Poole doing what no other investigative journalist will: Syrian Support Group’s Ties to Muslim Brotherhood Cause Some Terror Authorities to Question Special License From Obama Administration h/t Money Jihad

In July, the Obama State Department approved an extraordinary license for a newly formed U.S.-based organization, the Syrian Support Group, to raise money for Syrian rebels – overriding the administration’s own sanctions and Obama’s Executive Order against such activity.

To some counterterrorism and terror finance authorities in Washington D.C., this extremely rare privilege raises considerable concerns.

This is especially true because two related figures with the organization, Louay Safi and Mazen Asbahi, have previously been tied to terror fundraising efforts by…

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