Creeping Sharia

via Walsh: Arrest In Car Bomb Plot Proves My Point About ‘Radical Islam’ « CBS Chicago.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) said Tuesday that the recent arrest of a Muslim teenager from Hillside for allegedly plotting to detonate a car bomb outside a downtown bar proves his point about radical Islam is a real threat that exists in the Chicago suburbs.

WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports 18-year-old Adel Daoud is accused of trying to set off what he thought was a car bomb outside a downtown tavern on Friday.

Walsh said the alleged plot is just the kind of thing he’s been afraid of.

“It is a threat. I sit on the Homeland Security Committee. We’ve held four hearings in two years on the threat of homegrown terrorism,” Walsh said.

Last month, the 8th District Republican said at a town hall meeting that “there is…

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