America at War

US, Israeli flags burned at London protest against US anti-Islamic film – Israel News, Ynetnews.

So…….. Does anyone believe that these people are our friends??? I mean really!!! They lay around dreaming up sh*t to hate us for!!! They burn our country’s flag over a film that a small group of people made. You know…………if you don’t like a movie, DON’T WATCH IT!!! But the film is nothing more than something they pin their hate to. The hate was there long before the film came out!!! Let’s face it, I have not seen the film myself, but it’s already cost people’s lives, and our Embassy to be burned. These actions performed by followers of “The religion of peace and love”. Realistically, there has been no “Peace” in the islamic religion for 1400 years!!! And there never will be!!! This “religion” is no religion at all. It’s more of a…

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