Creeping Sharia

Kudos to the artists who stood by Lars Vilks and shame on the dhimmi museum officials who cower to Muslims and threats of Islamic violence (the true Islamophobes).

h/t SheikYerMami.

Jamtli, county museum in Ostersund, has decided to cancel a work by Lars Vilks, the man who happens to have stirred up anti Muslim sentiments in the Scandinavia.

The management justifies its decision to eliminate Lars Vilks from the planned participation in an anti-Muslim conference in New York, arranged by Sion (Stop Islamization Of Nations) and Vilks media comments about Islam, reports swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

The Local

Vilks, the Swedish artist who enraged Muslim groups with his depictions of the Prophet Muhammad as a dog, agreed earlier this month to speak at a conference organized by the anti-Muslim group Stop Islamization of Nations (SION).

Last week, however, an art gallery in northern Sweden booted him from a…

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