Creeping Sharia

Over at the Gateway Pundit, a commenter notes the sharia compliance enforced on women at the DNC Jummah. The real war on women, Islamic sharia (will not be televised).

Macsmind points out that one of the leaders of the DNC Muslim prayer event is wearing a ripped and torn U.S. flag around his neck.

Note the complete disrespect of the flag, draped in a way that suggestion “submission”.

And the media is scurrilously trying to now claim that the event wasn’t sanctioned by Obama and the DNC who mysteriously deleted the Islamic event from their schedule after public concern of Democratic support for sharia law and jihad-preaching participants.

Lest you have any doubts that Democrats whole-heartedly support Islamic sharia law, recall just weeks ago that a prominent Democrat stated on video that Voting Against Sharia Law Is GOP Fear Mongering, Bigotry.

Flashback: Three years ago the media…

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