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“The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection.”


Jeremy Segal blogs at and is a disciple of the late Andrew Breitbart. He produced the video of Rep. Danny K. Davis being honored by the People’s World at the Communist Party U.S.A.’s headquarters in Chicago for a lifetime of “inspiring leadership.” Rep. Davis is an old friend of Barack Obama’s…” (video at bottom of page)




BREITBART   (Mar. 2012)


“He is one on the greatest congressmen in the country,’ said President Obama. The reason, Obama told a Teamsters union rally in 2004, ‘is because he shares our values….

At that time—just eight years ago—Congressman Danny Davis was continuing his efforts to help move then-State Senator Obama up the Chicago political food chain. And not that long ago—in fact, just two weeks—that Congressman Davis was honored by People’s World

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