Creeping Sharia

via Leader of Triangle terrorist cell gets 18-year sentence – Orlando Sentinel.

Three years after eight men were accused of stockpiling weapons in rural Johnston County and conspiring to commit jihad overseas, the ringleader of what prosecutors describe as a homegrown terror cell was sentenced in federal court Friday.

Daniel Patrick Boyd, who engaged in a plea deal with prosecutors in exchange for his testimony in the trials of four others who fought the charges, was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The federal accusations in July 2009 that eight men had been amassing weapons and plotting to maim, injure and kidnap people abroad brought shock and disbelief to the Johnston County community where they lived.

The case highlighted the government’s use of FBI informants to build a slew of terror cases across the country since the Sept. 11 attacks.

It also raised questions about the influence that an…

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Creeping Sharia

via Rockland woman asks committee whether teaching of Islam is education or indoctrination — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine.

ROCKLAND, Maine — The committee that focuses on curriculum in the Rockland area school district said it wants more specific information from a Rockland woman before it will decide whether to take time to discuss her concerns about the teaching of Islam.

The Regional School Unit 13 Curriculum Committee met Thursday evening.

At the end of the meeting, board members discussed briefly the request by Beverly Cowan to make a presentation to them.

Cowan was not at the Thursday night meeting but had appeared before the full RSU 13 Board at its April meeting.

“I found it disheartening to have prepared a short statement and be cut off, though the people ahead of me were given greater latitude,” Cowan stated in a letter to Sally Carleton, who is chairwoman…

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Creeping Sharia

via The Threat of Sharia and the Leadership of America’s Two Parties | FrontPage Magazine.

Imagine you were a teenage girl in Pakistan, and your parents married you off very young. The marriage is a disaster but you have no rights. You flee with your daughter to the U.S., you hide out for two years until the detective he hires finds you. In Pakistan, under the Islamic law there, the means of obtaining a divorce is only available to a man, but never of course to a woman. He demands full custody of your daughter. Oh, and he’s accused you of adultery.

You consider flying to Pakistan, to contest the divorce, but adultery is a crime under Islamic Law in Pakistan, a crime which is punishable by death. You will literally be arrested the moment you de-board the plane, in Karachi. You could face prison time, or even be…

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