This is what we have to stop in order to save this country. I do not work so my government can give my money to other countries!!!

Creeping Sharia

Taxation for Islamization as the fiscal cliff gets closer each day. via U.S. gives Jordan $100 million to help host Syrian refugees.

A top U.S. official said on Sunday that Washington has given $100 million in aid to Jordan to help host tens of thousands of Syrians who have fled the unrest back home and taken refuge in the kingdom.

U.S. ambassador to Jordan, E. Jones, said that the U.S. aid will also help Jordan meet its growing energy needs in light of the repeated cut-offs occurring from unstable gas supplies from Egypt.

He said the aid will address “the strains on the national budget as a result of the repeated disruption of the Egyptian natural gas, and especially the added cost of providing services and basic commodities to those fleeing the appalling violence in Syria.”

“Nowhere outside of Syria are the effects of the Syrian regime’s violence felt…

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Every Tragedy is an opportunity!


Gun control nuts nationwide come out of the woodwork seizing every tragedy to promote their agendas. It’s a shame, it really is. The simple fact of the matter is this ; Had this tragedy happened somewhere like Texas, where people are allowed to carry concealed weapons, someone would have shot this idiot long before he killed all of those people! The gun control gang seems to think that somehow taking people’s guns away will save people. It won’t. People that want other people dead can accomplish their deed a whole lot of ways not involving a gun!!! Like in Canada where stabbing deaths are unbelievably high. You are not getting mine!!! Be sure to research your candidates, and make sure to vote pro-gun!!! Visit my page on Facebook : for more. Continue reading

Yeah, it’s not islamophobia to tell the truth!!!

Creeping Sharia

Apparently Melissa Quinn of the Daily Caller couldn’t find a copy of the ad. We did at Atlas Shrugs. Go figure.

Will the cowardly and biased MTA approve this one? $15k well spent to determine how far sharia has crept in America. via Ad claims ‘19,207 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11’ | The Daily Caller.

New York City train commuters may soon see new anti-Islam advertisements on the city’s Metro North line.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) created an ad campaign to raise awareness about Jihadist activities against Israel and the United States, highlighting the number of Islamist attacks since Sept. 11, 2001, and a growing number of deaths that have resulted.

“19,207 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11/01 and counting,” the ad reads. “It’s not Islamophohia, it’s Islamorealism.”

The $15,000 campaign is a response to pro-Palestine ads. It will cover 75 station kiosks throughout the Metro North route…

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Computer Science is most definitely something today’s students need in the curriculum but it’s not!!!

doug --- off the record

The Computer Science Teachers’ Association recently posted an entry entitled “Who Teaches CS?“.  That caught my eye and set me about thinking.  Some of the facts presented in the post are:

  • In 2010, only 0.6% of all AP exams taken were AP CS.
  • While AP US History, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Environmental Science are on the rise, AP CS lingers almost flat lining.
  • In 2010, there were 12, 501 CS graduates with 13% women and 4% Black.
  • 41 states do not count CS as math or science credit 
  • There are 1.06 million public high school teachers; 6,357 teach CS fulltime; 2,000 are college AP CS Audited and approved.
  • Do you see a problem?  

    Computer Science is undoubtedly the fastest changing and I would suggest one of the most important subject disciplines there is.  I’ve long been on the record advocating for at least one compulsory…

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